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PARAGON PROTECTIVE SERVICE OFFERINGS Paragon security officers, government buildings occupied by thousands of federal employees, research facilities that store chemical and biological agents, National Heritage sites, NARA, border crossings, highly sensitive site, Federal law enforcement sites, government computer centers and military installations. Among the comprehensive range of security support services that we offer, Paragon security specialists and officers perform armed and unarmed post/gate control, magnetometer screening, roving foot and vehicle patrols, management of central communications/security centers, CCTV and alarm monitoring, security escort, dignitary protection, security training, threat assessment, emergency preparedness evaluation, vehicle and visitor screening/badging, armory management, and first responder emergency services.

PARAGON PROTECTIVE SERVICE EXPERTISE With over 14,000 professionals, Paragon and SCIS are the leading provider of specialized security, fire, investigations, inspections, cybersecurity, risk management, and mission support services to the U.S. Federal Government and other critical infrastructure clients. Following is a brief summary of our service lines:

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