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PSONU & United Federation
LEOS-PBA  Leads the Way for All Security Professionals  Nationwide to Receive Lost Wages under the CARES ACT

PSONU & United Federation LEOS-PBA continues to fight for Paid Sick Leave, Better PPE, Hazard Pay for all PSO's who are Essential Workers Nationwide!


COVID-19: Information

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COVID-19 DHS-CPO-DCPO Industry -Associat

Washington D.C.  June 4, 2020 DHS COVID-19 Update


PSONU, United Federation LEOS-PBA continues to be a leader in representing Protective Security Officers PSO's, Law Enforcement officers, Court Security Officers, Security Police, Special Police & Security Officers across the country concerning COVID-19 safety awareness.


Update: June 4, 2020: United Federation LEOS-PBA, PSONU Organizing Director Steve Maritas once again participated with & gave input to DHS Government/Industry leaders in the COVID-19 update by-weekly meeting  headed by DHS Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa and Paul Courtney. 

Return to the Workplace AIR Executive Summary - May 28 2020 


Return to the Workplace – Establishing a New Normal Acquisition Innovation Roundtable June 11, 2020 agenda 


Washington D.C.  June 15, 2021 DHS COVID-19 Meeting

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