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If your a Paragon Systems Protective Service officer then its time to join the thousands of PSO's, CSO's, LEO's and Security Officers who are members of the Paragon Protective Service Officers National Union (PSONU).

Why Join Paragon Protective Service Officers National Unions (PSONU)

an affiliate division of United Federation LEOS-PBA?


To protect our own we will fight tirelessly to ensure that our officers maintain their rights and receive benefits that are deserving of the job. We will continue to improve the legislation that protects and affects our officers on post and patrol, as well as representing the needs of officers and support personnel, whether that is for better & safer working conditions, PPE equipment, more staff, COVID-19 hazard pay, or a fair wage for all Law Enforcement, Protective Service Officers PSO's, Security Officers and all Security Professionals working throughout the United States.

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