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Paragon Systems PSO's in Central Pennsylvania Set to VOTE PSONU

The Paragon Systems Inc Protective Service Officers PSO's in Central Pennsylvania will soon know the results of their Union election after the National Labor Relations Board NLRB will count the ballots to see if these Paragon Central Pennsylvania PSO's wish to join the Paragon Protective Service Officers National Union PSONU, affiliated with the United Federation LEOS-PBA

Presently the Paragon Systems Inc PSO's in Pittsburgh are also in the process of voting for Paragon Protective Service Officers National Union PSONU who seeks to replace the current International Union who not only failed to service these Paragon Pittsburgh PSO's but also failed to renegotiate their CBA which ended back in May.

Central Pennsylvania Paragon Systems Inc PSO's Speak Out in Favor of Voting PSONU YES!


The election will be conducted by United States mail. The mail ballots will be mailed to employees employed in the appropriate collective-bargaining unit. At 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 12, 2021, ballots will be mailed to voters from the National Labor Relations Board, Region 06, 1000 Liberty Ave Rm 904, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4111. Voters must sign the outside of the envelope in which the ballot is returned. Any ballot received in an envelope that is not signed will be automatically void.

Those employees who believe that they are eligible to vote and did not receive a ballot in the mail by August 19, 2021, should communicate immediately with the National Labor Relations Board by either calling the Region 06 Office at (412)395-4400 or our national toll-free line at 1-844- 762-NLRB (1-844- 762-6572).

All ballots will be commingled and counted at the Region 06 Office on Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. In order to be valid and counted, the returned ballots must be received in the Region 06 Office prior to the counting of the ballots.


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